100% export oriented footwear manufacturing company
Keyaghat, Birulia, Savar
, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Smart Shoes Limited committed to establish and maintain a Corporate Culture with legal, ethical and social obligations towards workers, employees, customers and society through following coordinated efforts

  • We are committed to strictly comply with the national laws, rules and regulation.
  • We condemn child labor and serve to eradicate all form of Child Labor.
  • We denounce bonded labor/forced labor in our facility
  • We Promote Healthy and Cooperative working relationship among workers, employees and employer
  • We Encourage freedom of association and workers participation at all level.
  • We discourage all sort of discrimination in our facility during Employment
  • We adhere to International rules and declarations for workers and employee’s betterment.
  • We bond ourselves to provide all the benefits, facilities and allowances to our workers as defined in local laws/rules
  • We are committed to strictly comply with Customer’s Code of Conduct (COC),
  • We are committed to strictly comply with National Justice & Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR),
  • We are committed to strictly comply with Environmental law, Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC), Custom Law, Bangladesh Fire Service Rules.